"BioCold" Special Designing
and Technical Bureau with Experimental Unit

"BioCold" Special Designing and Technical Bureau with experimental Unit, where we elaborate the equipment both for research and industrial use in cryobiology and cryomedicine. Among the equipment produced by the Bureau there should be mentioned the following devices:

  • various types of freezers;
  • equipment for low temperature banks;
  • sublimation lyophilic devices;
  • device for general hypothermia;
  • cryoelectrocoagulator.

The Bureau products are of high quality and reliability. Nowadays the experimental unit elaborated such equipment as device for blood plasm fractioning UFP1.00.00.00 of reactor type intended for carrying-out the blood plasm proteins' fractioning process by Cohn's method and purification of biologically active substances; sublimation device USS25.00.00.00, intended for production of frozen-dried biological preparations, protein blood components, food additives, device for plasm freezing on vessel walls UZF1.00.00.00, intended for a rapid freezing and freezing on vessel walls of biological preparations prior to freeze-drying. .

The equipment produced at the Bureau is also working at:

  • City Blood Center, Kiev;
  • Kharkiv Regional Blood Transfusion Service;
  • Lugansk Regional Blood Transfusion Service;

4, Skorokhoda str., Kharkov, Ukraine 61093
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