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Information Department
Head of the Department
Eugeniya N. Pushkova

The aim of information department activity is effective and full providing the researchers with data on advanced achievements in cryobiology and cryomedicine both in Ukraine and abroad. In this aspect the work of the department is organized on several basic directions:

  • literature surveys and state-of-the-art reports (using own information; sources and access to world-wide data banks; bibliographical lists, analytical surveys);
  • providing the Internet access;
  • the current reference service (retrospective information searches, reports according to scientific themes of the institute to corresponding divisions of Natl. Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, preparation of the abstract reviews and performance of the thematic specialized searches on these reviews);
  • translation of scientific-technical texts, including performance of translations of works of the institute employees for various sources of the information on English, French and Ukrainian;
  • information exchange between branches; computer imposition and prototyping of the scientific and technical documentation and "Problems of Cryobiology" journal in Russian and English.

Head of the Department is Evgeniya N. Pushkova.

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Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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