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Scientific Library
Head of the Department
Tatyana N. Tymchenko

The institute research library was created in 1972.

The total library collections include more than 53,000 volumes of books, periodicals in Russian, Ukrainian, English. Among them there are 11,000 books, 9,500 microfilms, 260 titles of journals (in particular 42 in English, French, German), as well as the abstracts of thesis and author's thesis on the institute profile.

The thematic collecting priorities for primary research materials are biology, biochemistry, biophysics, cryobiology and cryomedicine, immunology, physiology. The special collections contain teaching materials, guidebooks, reference books, manuals and archival collections (since 1972).

Head of the library is Tatyana N. Timchenko.

23, Pereyaslavskaya str., Kharkov, Ukraine 61015
Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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